TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows Review

Before I start on this review I just want to add some context that might explain some of my thoughts on this movie.

I am a childhood fan of the Ninja Turtles. I grew up watching the live action movies from the 90's with my Uncle Bob and playing with the multitude of Ninja Turtle action figures I would beg my parents and grandparents to buy me. Gearing up for this movie I revisited my childhood movies (excluding the 3rd installment) and was extremely pleased. I expected not to like them as much as I used to but they actually hold up really well. When I saw the first installment of Michael Bay's reboot I wasn't overwhelmingly pleased but I was happy that the Ninja Turtles were back.

Ok I'm going to start off this review like I do with every review, negative thoughts first.

Now, TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows was a just a jumble of bad storytelling mixed with unnecessary special effects. Along with the first installment the most of the fighting just seems like a flying ball of metal just like the Transformers movies. At one point I was just completely thrown off guard with what was happening on screen that I just gave up on trying to find out what was going on. Not to mention the story was just constantly throwing me off guard. At one point I was completely invested in a particular scene where the turtles are fighting to stop Shredder from escaping an armored vehicle then out of nowhere he is somehow teleported out of the area and we are given a convoluted almost B-Movie explanation about how Krang is suddenly the new big bad villain who is going to take over the world. It just didn't make sense to me.

What happened to the storylines where the turtles were just fighting street crime. Instead they had to one up the Michael Bay film with a worse story and worse Michael Bayisms.

Ok so my overall thoughts of this movie are mostly negative but there are a few things I did like. The turtle's relationships were a bigger part than first installment, the inclusion of Casey Jones was decent, and BeeBop and Rocksteady were the main three positives that really standout.

I wish that there was more simple fights within this movie. I would've enjoyed this so much more if the turtles were simply fighting members of the foot clan with the inclusion of BeeBop and Rocksteady.

Overall I was disappointed with this movie and kinda wish they would reboot the franchise again without all the ridiculous Michael Bayisms.

2 out of 5 Sunspots.

- Justin La Torre
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Civil War Spoiler Review! 5/26/16


Alright so I've seen Captain America: Civil War twice now and I loved it even more than the first time! It is a near perfect depiction of what I wanted to see out of this movie. There are a couple of nit picky things that stood out to me but overall this is an overwhelming positive reaction. 

I'll start with the very few negative nit picks I had about this movie. The only real problem I had with this movie was the miss use of Zemo as a villain. Baron Zemo in the comics is a badass that can go toe to toe with Cap while also being a mastermind. In the movie he was really just a mastermind. That being said, Daniel Bruhl plays Zemo very menacingly and I really liked him as a villain, I just wanted to see Zemo in his mask and actually fighting. Unfortunately this doesn't happen in Civil War but Zemo isn't dead, I hope the Russo Brothers have something planned for this character in the near future. 

Now those were my only complaints. Other than that, this movie was AMAZING.

Anyone whose seen the movie knows that the best scene in the entire movie is the showdown at the airport. Almost all the Avengers go toe to toe with each other over their different beliefs and it is just nerdtastic. This is by far my favorite fight scene in all the MCU movies, it showcases all the heroes different powers and as the scene goes on I definitely felt like the stakes of this fight were very high. Relationships could be ruined and friendships were definitely tested. 

Now my favorite part of the movie has to be the debut of Spider-Man. Out of all superheroes, Spider-Man has always, and always will be my favorite. When the big letters spelt out "QUEENS" across the screen I lost it. I was so excited to finally see Spidey in the MCU and my childhood dream of him teaming up with another superhero finally came true. Out of all the portrayals of Spidey the depiction of him in this movie is my favorite so far. There really isn't a lot to judge upon from this movie but the 30 minutes that he was in it were probably my favorite 30 minutes out of all the depictions of Spider-Man in the movies. Finally there is a Spider-Man that is actually a teenager! Tom Holland nailed it and I'm extremely excited to see what's next for the character. My only complaint is that I have to wait a year to see more of him.

Black Panthers debut was fantastic as well. We sort of get an origin in this movie minus some key points that I think will be shown in the standalone Black Panther movie coming in a couple years. My biggest worry was that T'Challa's accent would stand out and be weird in contrast but Chadwick Boseman's African accent was flawless. Besides that his fighting style was awesome to watch, also the way he uses his abilities were breathtaking. I'm extremely excited to see what's next for this character as well. 

Overall the film was definitely heavier than most of the Marvel movies so far. The stakes were very high and you definitely get the feeling that the events of this movie will have repercussions on the next couple movies. I felt the pacing was a bit slow at times but it built up tension very well. Great visual effects as usual and great utilization of the CG characters in the main fight scene.

I have to say that I went in Team Stark thinking that I would eventually switch to Team Cap due to my original alliance with Cap in the comics, but surprisingly I stayed with Team Stark. I actually believed that Stark's point of view and actions on the Sakovia Accords were what needed to be done in order to keep the public on the side of the Avengers. I felt sympathetic for Cap and Bucky but overall I felt like personal relationships needed to be put aside for the greater good. 

Final Review : 4.5 out of 5 Sunspots 

Stay tuned for more content on the blog coming soon. I recently ran into a lot of school work and didn't have too much time to spare but now I am planning on dedicating more time to the blog and podcast. 

As always, Stay nerdy my friends. 

- Justin La Torre Insta & Twitter @justlakings



​Wonder Woman 3D Blu-Ray Combo from Best Buy

I was really satisfied with this purchase in a number of ways. The packaging photo is stunning, unlike the odd choice on the 4K cover.  The orange fog used in the packaging taken from the scene where the Germans bomb a small town, adds this other world feel to the cover picture. 

The bonus scene added exclusively in the Best Buy package is not easily distinguishable. The first selection in the "extras" menu is just titled by what is in the scene so I guess thats the Best Buy bonus scene but not sure.

Over all the bonus content is robust. The level of attention to detail from a production standpoint on this film is phenomenal.  The professional way and amount of content in the extra scenes and making of featurettes is what you would expect from this amazing movie. The level of clarity, color saturation, deep black shades, dolby audio mix levels, and frame rate smoothness, all make this a truly memorable buy that will stand the test of time.


So I saw Deadpool on Thursday night at midnight, and holy crap! I was extremely hyped up for this movie and boy it did not let me down! This movie was absolutely phenomenal. Tim Miller and the Deadpool crew did this movie perfectly. FOX has finally answered to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's success. They just got everything right in this movie, the humor was amazing, action was great, and let me tell you, this movie wouldn't have been as good if it wasn't rated R. Ryan Reynolds was born for this role. He did such an amazing job that you almost forget about all the crap he's done in his past roles, especially the turd that was Green Lantern. Highly recommend going to see this movie as soon as possible! I'm already planning to go see it a 2nd time. Spoiler review will be posted on the Sunspotscomics Podcast #41!

- Justin La Torre
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Marvel's Netflix Iron Fist Series Review


It took me a couple days but I finished all 13 episode of Iron Fist on Netflix. There has been extremely mixed reviews regarding this series and after watching it I can see why.

I will be keeping this blogpost spoiler free for anyone who does want to watch the series for themselves. 

As a fan of all things Marvel, I was extremely excited to watch this series when I heard it was going to be released. To me, this story had all the signs to be a great series that could fit right in the Marvel Netflix continuity and for the most part, it fits right in with the other shows, as far as tone and of course the obvious and shockingly annoying inclusion of Claire Temple played by Rosario Dawson (Don't get me wrong, I love that character but I did not see a need for her in this series). Other than the ties it had to the other Marvel Netflix series, this was probably the worst directed and written series of them all. 

As a fan of Kung Fu "B" movies and Bruce Lee films I was willing to see through some of the cheesiness of this series that I expected but that wasn't what was presented with this show. This series was bogged down by bad storytelling and missed opportunities to make the audience care for these characters.

I will say that this series was great at character development with everyone except for Danny Rand/Iron Fist, played by the underutilized Finn Jones. This was probably my biggest complaint of the entire series. I just didn't care for Danny Rand. I wanted to care for him but I found myself being more interested in the side characters surrounding him, mostly by Colleen Wing played by Jessica Henwick, Ward Meachum played by Tom Pelphrey, and Harold Meachum played by Faramir himself, David Wenham. Throughout the whole series I felt that the writers were so concerned that the story surrounding Iron Fist was going to bore the fans of the comics, so they took their focus off of their main character. 

Now, I said on Issue 98 of the Sunspots Comics Podcast that I was mostly tuning into this show for the awesome fight scenes and choreography. For the most part it delivered on that but I just couldn't buy Finn Jones being this kung fu master. I loved most of the fight scenes but it was just hard to believe that Danny Rand would be this amazing martial artist. Maybe that was what the creators were going for when they cast him. Other than that, the fight scenes were fun to watch. 

Overall, I didn't hate this show. I found the parts of it that I liked and I focused on those. Also, this show does not deserve the rating it's gotten on
Rotten Tomatoes. Despite its problems it deserves at least at 40%. 

3.25☀️ out of 5

- Justin La Torre 
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Batman V Superman Pre-Thoughts

As March 25th is only a couple days away, the excitement for BvS is at an extreme high. The marketing for this movie has been phenomenal, with constant trailer releases and Ben Affleck's appearance and skit on Jimmy Kimmel has only made me more excited. I'm mostly excited for the new portrayal of Batman, which everyone knows is played by Ben Affleck. The older more experienced Batman has always been a favorite of mine. I'm also glad that we don't really have to see another origin story for The Dark Knight. I'm sure that after 2 major Batman franchises that the majority of the public know Batman's origin. I'm also curious at the role that Wonder Woman and Aquaman are going to play in this particular film. They both have been credited on IMDB since the beginning and there hasn't really been any hints in the trailers to what exactly their impact is on the overall story. That being said I am super excited to see this movie and I am going to be going into the theater with high expectations and hope that BvS lives up to them.

- Justin La Torre
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My Top 5 Comic Book TV Shows of 2015-2016


The trend of adapting a popular comic book or comic book character into a movie or, as of late a TV show, has been a popular trend for the past decade and is still going strong. As a comic book reader and fan, the strongest adaptations lately have been the newly emerging TV shows. That being said this is the top 5 comic book TV shows that are still airing today.

I'm going to do my best at NOT SPOILING any of these shows because most of them are on Netflix and can be binged watched.

5)  Jessica Jones (Netflix)

This Netflix Original Series did a great job at creating a truly terrifying yet shockingly relatable villain with Kilgrave. Kilgrave has the ability to make any person do what he wants just by speaking the command. He is a ruthless killer that has only one true motive and that is to get the main character Jessica Jones (who has a past already with Kilgrave) to truly love him without having to use his abilities. This character was shocking to see come to life & really drove the first season and made me extremely excited for more.

4) Arrow (CW)

CW's first Berlanti verse superhero show created by the writer of the infamous Green Lantern movie, Greg Berlanti, & former comic book & Justice League cartoon writer, Andrew Kreisberg. This show really surprised me this past year. I watched the first 2 seasons on Netflix and wasn't sure how much I liked it until Season 3 premiered on CW. I immediately was glued to the screen. The characters really grow on you and the fact that a superhero show of this magnitude is on television is truly amazing for comic book nerds everywhere.

3)  Daredevil (Netflix)

The first Marvel Netflix Original Series that set the tone for Jessica Jones and other upcoming series, eventually leading to the The Defenders. This show really emphasized the gritty reality of being a street level superhero. The show was dark but had a great pace and tone to the story that was being told. I cannot express how amazing the action sequences were in this series. They were choreographed perfectly and really captured Daredevil's fighting style from the comics. 

2)  The Walking Dead (AMC)

The fandom alone speaks for itself. The AMC phenomenon has only gotten better since its first season. As a die hard fan of the comic book & the tv series, I absolutely love what AMC did with the show. When a character is killed off on the show, it has the same impact that I felt when a character is killed in the comic. Watchers grow bonds with the characters that greatly effect the reaction to each death. After every episode premiers I cannot wait for the next one. My only complaint is that I have to wait in intense anticipation for the episode. 

1)  The Flash (CW)

This show is the absolute best at capturing the feel of its source material. It actually feels like you're watching a comic book come to life. It's NOT dark and brooding like most superhero movies and shows are, this show uses color perfectly and (this is actually a major compliment) it's cheesy! The cheesy humor that's written for this show actually works with the tone of the show & really emphasizes that this is a superhero show! The second show in the Berlanti verse next to Arrow, this gives the perfect opportunity for crossover arks. There is even a spinoff show based off of some of the minor characters from both shows called The Legends of Tomorrow. Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg created something truly spectacular for us comic book nerds. 

- Justin La Torre
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​​​Batman v Superman Review and Thoughts 

Batman v Superman is finally out and critics are not liking it. I've seen it twice already and after my second viewing I understand some of the things that critics are saying.

As a Comicbook fan and an avid movie lover, I loved BvS. There are some plot problems but they can almost be overlooked if you're a fan, but I think that is where the problem lies. There is a lot of assumptions that movie goers will already know some of the information from the comicbooks and realize what's going on, and if you're not a Comicbook fan like me or my dad, there will me some information that normal movie goers will miss. For example, the dream/vision that Bruce has of the war torn world possibly run by Superman and Darkseid could've been done a better job of explaining what is going on to the non-comicbook readers out there. I also think that the movie was very high paced to the point where I can see why people would miss interpret the story and have negative reactions to it.

Alright, now I'm done with negativity! 

Overall this was a great Comicbook movie. Very action packed and the effects were magnificent. Zack Snyder is known for making visually amazing movies with 300 and Sucker Punch, and his vision applies to this universe very well. I don't think that the negative reviews fall onto the back of Snyder personally, I think it has to do with the writing and collaboration of movie makers that seemed to be mashed together. I trust Snyder with this franchise and I can see him doing a couple more of these films down the line. 

There was so much nerdy goodness throughout this movie and I enjoyed it so much. I thought it was a really risky move killing off Superman at the end but I give them props for doing it because no other superhero film would dare to do something like that. The addition of Wonder Woman added some much needed flavor to this movie and Gal Godot gave us a perfect look at what's to come next for this character. We also finally got to see Ezra Miller as the Flash, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and a little teaser to how Cyborg was created. I thought that it was funny that the actor who played Miles Dyson in Terminator 2 played Cyborgs father. I'm excited to see how these new characters will play a role in the upcoming films and I'm curious to see how they will all come together to form the Justice League scheduled to come out in the next couple years. 

Batman was by far the best part about this movie. Ben Affleck was phenomenal as a more seasoned and experienced Batman, and his scenes as Bruce Wayne were just as good. His gadgets were perfectly showcased and he used them just as I pictured he would. This was the Batman I've wanted for so long. I've always wanted a more comicbooky version that could still be grounded in reality and Affleck brought it to life. Jeremy Irons as Alfred was a perfect portrayal. It's definitely a more rugged version of the butler but you can tell there is a deep relationship between Bruce and Alfred. I cannot wait to see more of this Batman and I hope Ben Affleck directs the next installment.

Henry Cavill is growing on me the more I see him as Superman. People obviously had problems with him in Man of Steel but I don't think the problems are with the acting. Cavill's Superman is a character who is still learning how being a superhero works in this universe and Snyder definitely showed it in this movie. 

Wonder Woman was sadly ruined by the trailers but I enjoyed Gal Godot as Princess Diana, and let's face it, she is not hard to look at either. Her accent threw me off a little bit but after a while it just grew on me and it added to the mystery and sexiness of Godot's Wonder Woman. 

Now you can trust my review but I would urge you to go see it for yourself. You won't really know how this movie interprets to you until you see it. 

Also check out Issue #47 of the SunSpotsComics Podcast to hear me, my Dad, and a couple of my friends talk about the movie right after we saw it opening night. You'll hear me embarrass myself as a total nerd among my friends. 

- Justin La Torre Instagram & Twitter @justlakings 


I think its important to remember stuff. 9/11/15

Hard to believe its been 14 years since the 9/11 attacks. I remember that day SO clearly and its hard for me to remember most.  I used to watch a bit of TV before work. I was convinced at first that what I was seeing was a bad movie trailer. Quickly it hit that our way of life was under attack, and would NEVER be the same. I called the bank that I worked for to make sure everyone was working, they said yes. The moment I walked into the bank I was given a frightening "in case of emergency list of protocols", and tried to carry on the day, while watching the horrific event unfold on the lobby television. It was so strange and surreal trying to open accounts and answer bank questions that day, that odd weird feeling about that day will always stick with me. I remember how weird it was when I bought all of the 911 Comic Books. John Romita Jr did some of his very best work in that Spider-Man 911 issue. Some truly memorable iconic images that smashed my heart at the time.

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There should be a Eisner Awards show 6/15/15:

I somehow remembered that the Eisner Awards winners are announced every year at San Diego Comic-Con. I didn't see an article online reminding me that the Eisners are coming. I didn't get an email from the world wind of SPAM and other nonsense on my email account that the Eisners are coming. Social Media didn't OVER-alert me of the Eisners coming soon. Why is that? I have read many Eisner winning comic books over the years and thoroughly enjoyed a good bunch of them. Why do we live in a world where we have The Tony Awards ceremony, but we DONT HAVE THE EISNER AWARDS CEREMONY? The Tony's are in a steady decline of viewers over the last few years. Comic-Con's are EXPLODING in attendance ALL OVER THE WORLD! SDCC has 195,000. The last time I made the trek to SDCC I was not allowed in, even though I bought a ticket due to the convention center was at MAXIMUM CAPACITY. Avengers 2 just made a GODZILLIAN dollars at the box office. Comic book fans are a global phenomenon AND WE ARE SPENDING MONEY IN THE REALM OF COMIC BOOK STUFF LIKE THEY ARE SHUTTING IT ALL DOWN IN A YEAR.

The Eisners need the red carpet, the cheesy funny musical opening number, the goofy host, MEMORIUMS, top notch musical performances, comic book writers/artists and movie star presenters. WHY NOT?! Imagine what the amount of viewers in your mind would be, then TRIPLE IT.

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My Digital Comic Book Reading Experience Today 6/4/15: 

​I decided to finally getting around to reading the Highly Acclaimed DC Comics Batman The Court of Owls Volume 1. After scouring my stashes ever so lovingly for a few hours I realized to my own surprise and disappointment that I had not purchased BCOO Vol 1 yet. So I had the oh so precious time at that moment, was feeling a bit desperate to read it right away, so I purchased a digital version with reluctance because I'm all about the paper comics. From the feel of it, to the smell, I have loved the paper comic book experience since 1981 when I bought my first Swamp Thing comic book with deeply hidden Couch Change when I was 9 years old.  I was happy that Vol 1 was on sale for $4.99 so I didn't feel immediate buyer remorse, but I did feel a small twinge of betrayal to that 9 year old paper comic book lovin inner kid.  At first I was admiring the bright display of the comic, I double tapped the screen to use the ZOOM in panel view and was zipping along. As I got to around page 110 or so, for some reason the viewing of the panel only displayed the image UPSIDE DOWN, in all possible views. I first checked to see if my Ipad and comic book app were updated to the latest versions, that was good. I did a hard restart of my Ipad just to be safe, but the image would not adjust back to right side up. So, feeling a bit frustrated, I clicked on the lock screen aspect so I could see the image right side up, but then closed the app and made a note to buy BCOO in good old fashioned paper. PAPER GOOD. 

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Hats off to the customer service of Sphero, the creator of the app controlled BB-8 toy. I contacted Sphero customer service to let them know that my buddy BB-8 met with the end of his rolling around days. Sadly he stopped holding his charge. Sphero quickly sent me a replacement charging base but that didnt bring BB-8 back to life. Sphero quickly replies to inquiries which was refreshing, and more importantly communicated in a clear and precise way. Within 2 days of the charging base not working they sent me a postage paid box to send BB8-8 back to them for repair EVEN though my warranty had expired by a year. I received a what seems like a brand new BB-8, not just a NEW LIKE refurbished, or Sphero refurbishes in a way that you cant tell that its used in any way. THANK YOU Sphero for going above and beyond in supporting your products. If you have been considering a Sphero product, my recommendation is BUY SPHERO STUFF NOW!  SPHERO:



I've recently gotten back into reading comic books regularly and I finally got caught up on my favorite titles! As of today my absolute favorite title is Robert Kirkman's Invincible. This comic perfectly captures what I think comic books from DC and Marvel need in their superhero titles. This last arc titles "Reboot" scared me a little only because when superhero titles from the big 2 reboot it's just annoying. Thank god Robert Kirkman is a genius at writing and made this last arc amazing! He does such a good job at developing the main character Mark and creating such a great universe that taking a look back at some of the older storylines was extremely exciting. I highly recommend this comic and I suggest taking a look back at the older issues via trades to get the full experience of the book. 

- Justin La Torre 
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​​​​​​My Top 5 Movies of 2016!
Justin La Torre 1/16/17

This was extremely difficult to put together. As a huge comic
book/movie/comic book movie nerd there were so many great movies this year. I was originally not going to put this in any particular order but I thought to myself "that's too easy", the hardest part of this was ranking all of these great films.

Just so everybody knows, I would recommend these film without any
doubt. Also these were only some of the best films of this year, so if
I left anything out that you thought should be on this list, let me
know! I want to hear about it!

And don't worry, I will refrain from spoiling anything in the post.
Without anymore dilly dallying let's get into it.

5) Sing Street

This movie was so much fun. The performances of the songs were just so much fun, immediately after watching the movie I downloaded the soundtrack. I fell in love with all the characters and just like most coming of age movies you root for them. I really wish I could've seen this movie in the theater with an audience, it would've made for a great movie going experience.

4) Deadpool

What can can I say. This movie was awesome. One thing I took into
consideration when I was finalizing my list was re-watchablity and how many times I've watched the film, and I've probably seen Deadpool more than anything else on this list and my unofficial Top 10 list combined. This might have been because this was the earliest released film on this list but that does't deter from the sheer awesomeness that is Deadpool. This film was so ingenious. It perfectly mixed the feel of a big budget comic book movie with a shockingly heart warming and unconventional love story. I absolutely loved this movie.

3) La La Land

La La Land was a shocker for me. I knew the buzz behind it and I
watched one of the trailers but I wasn't that pumped to see this
movie. But oh boy was I hooked from the very first minute of this
film. First off the music was so captivating, the use of jazz mixed so well with the theme of this film and second, I love how this film was almost in the style of the old classic Hollywood films from the 40's. GO see this film! I can guarantee that it is going to mop up at the Oscars.

2) Captain America: Civil War

Is this any surprise that this movie is on my list? This movie just had everything I've ever wanted in a superhero flick. There were so many comic book fanboy moments for me in this film, I remember just yelling uncontrollably during the big airport scene. Also to top it off with a nice Spider flavored cherry on top with the debut of the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, whom is my favorite superhero of all time. I think I saw this movie 5 times in theaters so I don't even have anything else to say.

1) Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

If I had to rank this list on best times had in the theater, this
would still be number one on my list. So far I've seen this movie 4
times in the theaters and I will most likely go see it at least 1 more time before it leaves theaters. This wasn't just the Star Wars movie that I wanted but it was the Star Wars movie that I needed. I loved everything about this movie, CGI characters and all. The little complaints I had about this movie were demolished by the awesomeness of this movie. There is no surprise why this movie was my number one because of just how much of a great movie going experience I encountered, Star Wars fans are the best.

- Justin La Torre
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Star Wars Rebels
I for one never actually expected to enjoy this show so much! When the animated show first started I thought it was aimed too much toward kids and I stopped watching after the second episode. 

And man was I wrong about this show!

I'm an avid listener to the Collider Movie Talk podcast and they have a show every week specifically about the world of Star Wars. They have a segment where the panel talks about Disney XD's Star Wars Rebels and every time I heard about this show I got more and more interested. 

I finally picked up where I left off and I enjoy this show so much! Once I got passed the first 4 or 5 episodes I forgot that this was a kids show and began to fall in love with the characters. There are so many of the good aspects of the 2 trilogies within this show, I feel it was perfect to make this an animated show. 

I hope to see some of these characters in live action films soon because their storylines are deeply complex and I know Star Wars fans would love to learn more about them. 

- Justin La Torre 
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Hello comic book nerds! 1/25/16

If you listen to the Sunspots Comics Podcast you will know that my name is Justin La Torre, son of founder/host/creator of the podcast, website, and writer of the upcoming comic book Zombie Destroyers. I will be writing some blog entries from time to time mostly about comic book movies, TV shows, & possibly some general comic book news. Hope you enjoy what's coming in the very near future! 

- Justin La Torre 
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I recently started rewatching Smallville from WB. When my Dad introduced this show to me I was 11. When the episodes were premiering I think I was just under the age demographic, due to the shows teenage angst and dramatic/soap opera themes. I now realize why I didn't fully commit to watching this show until now. I am currently in the middle of Season 3 and I am loving it so far. The theme song "Save Me" by Remy Zero is burned into my skull and I can't get it out (in a good way). There are some good and bad aspects to this show, therefore I am going to keep everyone posted on my feelings toward this show and find out if there is a point where it "jumps the shark". 

- Justin La Torre
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CIVIL WAR Reaction! 


Holy S***! 

I have no idea how I'm going to write this without a multitude of cuss words. 

I guess I'll start by saying that I had really high expectations going into this movie and my God it didn't just hold up to my expectations but it surpassed them. It just blew my mind with Comicbook goodness. It just had everything I wanted and more from a Marvel movie of this caliber. 

There will be a full spoiler review posted just as soon as I see the movie a second time. 
- Justin La Torre -Insta & Twitter @justlakings


My Top 5 Marvel Movies (So Far)


So most Comic book fans and movie goers would agree that we are in the magnificent age of Comic book movies. Also most people would agree that so far the Marvel Cinematic Universe is running the show. With so many MCU movies coming out of late I thought I'd pick 5 of my favorites and rank them. 

5) Guardians of the Galaxy 

This movie was such a shocker upon announcement and release. I'm not gonna lie, I had major doubts when I heard this movie was coming out. It wasn't a vastly popular comic and most the characters were unheard of to casual movie goers. But man did this movie kill. It had so much awesomeness jam packed into an almost Star Wars film. There were space battles, laser gun fights, tear jerkers, and an amazing sound track. It was just an all-around fun movie to watch.

4) The Avengers 

I think some people will be surprised that this is my number 4 choice because of how ground breaking this movie was to the Comic book movie industry. That being said this movie was the beginning of a new era of Comic book movies. this opened up the idea of a connected universe where a team up is actually and finally possible! I absolutely loved this film but with vast choices of MCU movies this definitely falls down on the list. It doesn't tarnish the quality of this film but there have been so many good MCU movies after this that it’s just a testament to how Marvel is staying on the top of the list in terms of the quality of their films.

3) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

For a while this was behind The Avengers but after 3rd and 4th viewings and after the commentary on the Sunspots Comics Podcast it grew on me, surpassing Avengers and sitting at the top of this list for quite some time. This film just got the action down so perfectly. All the fight scenes were shot flawlessly and the introduction of one of my favorite relationships within the MCU between Cap and Falcon. The storytelling is so innovative for a Comic book film, it has the feeling of an espionage film while still packing the blockbuster punch of a Superhero movie. This movie just hits all the right spots in terms of a solo superhero movie. 

3) Ant-Man

I absolutely love this movie. I probably had the more fun watching this movie than any of the others on this list. I laughed, I cried, and of course I nerded out. The Ant-Man legacy within the comics is really interesting and I'm glad we finally got a glimpse into it. Of course there were some minor changes but I didn't mind it at all. The film has the dual personality like Winter Soldier where it is a blockbuster superhero film with the flavor or a heist film. Paul Rudd is perfect as Scott Lange. He is already a funny actor but this movie just stands out to me as one of his best acting performances so far. I laughed so much during this movie that I had to re-watch some of the scenes to catch dialogue that I missed. Overall it is just such a great movie and good film for non-Comic book fans. 

1) Captain America: Civil War

This movie was so monumental for me. As I've said before, Spiderman is my favorite superhero of all time and the fact that the Civil War storyline from the comics was going to be model for this movie I lost my mind upon announcement. I knew that somehow Spiderman was going to be a part of it. And he wasn't just a part of it, he was probably my favorite part of all the MCU movies. This isn't my number one choice just because of Spidey but there was also the best fight scene in superhero movie history in this film. It was 30 minutes of pure awesomeness. I found myself grinning in happiness during this whole scene. The movie also had the most real stakes of all the other MCU movies. It wasn't centered around a big bad guy or an army of extraterrestrials but it was centered around an internal conflict within the heroes themselves. The thought of this movie just gets me all giddy. I can't wait to see some of the behind the scenes stuff when this movie comes out on Blu-Ray. 

So that's my list. This list is constantly changing as new MCU movies come out but so far this is just my opinion of the top 5. Let me know what your top 5 MCU movies are through social media! I'd really like to hear your guys opinions on this subject because it is so much fun to talk about these movies. 

- Justin La Torre
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Doctor Strange Review!
Doctor Strange is a fun and psychedelic superhero origin story that won't leave the casual superhero fan confused. 

Alright so Doctor Strange staring Benedict Cumberbatch is finally out! Being a big fan of the MCU I was extremely excited going into this movie, but not knowing too much about the character and history regarding the comic other than the basics, I didn't know what to expect. I was obviously expecting the main origin story involving the car accident and training with The Ancient One, portrayed by Tilda Swindon. Other than the main story beats, I didn't know who would be the villain or what the main conflict would be. 

This film absolutely delivered on the main story points with the awesome MCU flavor infused. It also answered all my questions regarding the mystical character and gave a good preview to his future involvement in the MCU. (Ahem, Time Stone, Cough cough.)

Scott Derrickson and the writers of the movie did such a great job at getting you invested in the character of Steven Strange, even if he is sort of a pretentious and arrogant person. That being said, I've always sort of compared Steven Strange to Tony Stark, but just a bit more toned down. In the comic he is very self centered and after his accident that renders his hands useless, ruining his career, he gets even more selfish and self centered. Cumberbatch did good job at bringing this aspect to to life in the film. But like all heroes/protagonists, he has a change of heart that puts him on the path of being a "good guy". So despite all expectations, by the end of the film I really started to root for the Doctor, as I'm sure everyone else did. 

One aspect of the film that I really loved was the chemistry between the actors. Especially the relationship between Strange and potential past and future love interest, Christine, played by Rachel McAdams. Even though their relationship isn't a core storyline in the film, I could tell there was so much depth to why they act the way they do toward each other.  

By far my favorite parts of the film is the training and multiverse scenes. The first time The Ancient One sends Strange on a crazy trip through the multiverse I was absolutely in awe. The special effects of the multiverse were amazing. I've never taken acid or any other psychotropic drug before, but if I did I'm sure this is pretty close to what I would see on a crazy vision quest. It is absolutely nuts.

Overall I loved this film. It isn't my favorite MCU movie but it is definitely up there on the top of my list. It is one of my favorite origin story's in the MCU so far, mostly because I actually learned something that I didn't already know about a Marvel character (which is super rare). 

4.3 Sunspots out of 5. 
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What do you know.. Only 2 weeks after my first Smallville post, it's lost me. I love some of the characters, some of the actors, and some of the story lines, (emphasis on SOME) but it has officially lost me. It is ridiculous how many times people get knocked out in this show! I swear any regular person would have serious brain damage after just 1 season in this town! I'm surprised that nobody in the writing room could come up with anything better than "Lana gets knocked out again to keep her from finding out about Clark's powers". The fact that he has super speed should've been brought up at least a little bit, or in more creative ways to keep Clark's abilities a secret. I'm going to continue to sit through this show until I literally cannot look at the screen due to so many douche chill moments from Clark and Lana's love story. Hopefully it gets better as it goes along, but as of right now, it's not looking good for the citizens of Smallville (mostly because hundreds of people die in that damn town without anyone asking any questions or moving away).

- Justin La Torre
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Luke Cage Series Review!

I finally finished watching Netflix's Luke Cage and I must say that it definitely lives up to the hype. As a comic book fan I love to see the lesser known comic book characters come to life on screen! I'm glad that Marvel is starting to appreciate these characters. 

This series has such a strong meaning not just to comic book fans but to African Americans. The black culture in Harlem is on full display in this season and it is awesome. With everything that's going on in the country like the Black Lives Matter movement, this series hit such a sweet spot that subtly addresses these problems just as the Jessica Jones series shed some light on female rape victims. 

Other than the moral messages in this show the storyline is very intriguing and new to the comic book television medium. A superhero that is an ex-con is pretty controversial. The writers are successful at making you care for Luke Cage and his choices throughout this season. They also did a great job on the villains, Cottonmouth was utilized perfectly as a drug and weapons kingpin and his cousin Mariah Dillard was perfect as a woman that you just love to hate. 

I do have to say that this series isn't my favorite of the Netflix Marvel series. This is probably a close second to Daredevil. The show is a little slow at times, especially in the beginning episodes. The acting is a little cheesy at times but I got over it really quick. It was a little hard for me to get hooked like I did for Daredevil and I think the pacing is the reason why. The show does ramp up and it definitely pays off in the end and I definitely recommend watching it if you are a fan of what Marvel is doing in the movies.

Overall, 3.8 out of 5 Sunspots.

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Long Beach Comic-Con 2016


Long Beach ComicCon was two weekends ago and it was so much fun! I had such a great time meeting some comic creators, learning some new stuff about the business, and seeing all the cosplayers. It was an awesome experience as an aspiring writer to be in an environment that is so supportive of creator owned content. 

Here are some of my highlights from LBCC. 

I composed my first live interview with a comic book and screen writer Brandon Easton. He gave me some great advice that I will definitely be using in the future. He wrote the biographical comic on Andre the Giant titled "Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven."

My Dad and I met and talked to Sam Sattin, the writer of an up and coming comic titled "Legend". This comic is set in a post apocalyptic world where domesticated pets are the last remaining life forms in the world, or so we think. He had some amazing things to say about his book. 

I met and got some sketches from five artists that are doing some amazing work in the comic book industry. The five artists I met were Dustin (Nghyen), Jason Shawn Alexander, Joelle Jones, Scott Koblish, and Stephan Frank. 

And last but not least, I met and attended the panel of the independent film makers John Schnepp and Holly Paine who made the film "The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?." They had some amazing things to say about the independent film industry and some crazy things to say about what they discovered about the film making process of a big budgeted superhero movie during the course of their film.

I will also be attending Stan Lee's Comikaze at the end of this month and will be reporting all the nerdtastic stuff I encounter to you guys.

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